El Cocuy, Colombia

11 02 2013

On a backpacking/rock climbing adventure in Colombia, December 2012, we stumbled upon this gem of a National Park. (We had no idea there was mountaineering in Colombia, hence the lack of gear). Got some beta from the rock solid local climbers in Suesca and Mesa De Los Santos and decided to send it in the alpine. Here’s some of the footy.


Kaisei trailer

28 10 2012

Rough edit from our sailing expedition from Vancouver, BC to San Francisco. I apologize for the sloppy edit, been in a bit of a time crunch leaving for Colombia and still waiting for the files from our voyage. I look forward to completing this video project in the future.. in the meantime, enjoy the dolphins!

Adventures July 2012

29 07 2012

Here’s a couple of edits from my cousin TJ’s visit to the northwest for the month of July. The first part is a trip we took to Eastern Washington to deliver some windows. The Second part is the family reunion on my mom’s side of the family at the Dancing Wind Ranch in Livingston, Montana.

0:24 – Leavenworth, WA
0:36 – Windows delivered
0:42 – Sunrise at our campsite (middle of a field, middle of nowhere)
1:05 – Hiking steamboat rock at Banks Lake, WA
1:30 – On the road again
1:41 – Washington Pass Cascade mountain range
2:11 – Lookout over Diablo Lake
2:20 – Riding four wheelers up to the main house on the Dancing Wind Ranch
2:41 – Hiking up to the local waterfalls
3:08 – Shooting skeet
3:18 – Gopher hunt
4:02 – Riding up the ridge above the ranch house
4:28 – Pine Creek
4:44 – Taking the Cessna 310 up for a sight seeing tour
5:18 – Flying down Pine Creek canyon
5:24 – Coming out over the ranch property
5:47 – View from the ranch house looking back up the canyon
6:04 – Cousin Eddie

Time Lapses

3 04 2012

I’ve been out of commission with a foot injury for the past few days. Took the opportunity to edit more footage from last summer in Hawaii. I was originally just going to do a piece with all time lapses but got kind of bored and decided to add some other shots from hiking and sky diving. Hope you enjoy it, thanks for watching!

February Shredding

26 02 2012

Edit from shredding the other day with Danny P and crew.

More work by Mr. Pellissier here=> http://www.1985creative.com/

JP Auclair segment (from All.I.Can.)

22 12 2011

If you haven’t seen this yet, enjoy! Check out the teaser for the full length film here.

Hawaii (trailer)

20 12 2011