Aslan Brewing Company (before and after)

24 06 2014

The Brewhouse

The Front House

The Front House (kitchen Side)

We received the keys to this building September 15, 2013. Gutted and retrofitted the building reusing as many materials as possible and opened our very own brewery and restaurant May 19, 2014. Visit us at 1330 N. Forest St. in Bellingham, WA! All of our beer is certified USDA organic and the food is unbelievable. Check us out online at or at /aslanbrewing


Winter Fotos

1 02 2014

35mm Film

1 02 2014

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Fall Photos

15 10 2013

Summer Shots

31 08 2013

Photos in order from: Mazama climbing,  surf trips to the peninsula, Mt. Erie climbing, Summer Meltdown music festival, & a backpack trip to Lake Ann and the Curtis glacier.

A Coastal Trek (in photos)

16 07 2013

Sailed a Morgan O/I 51 from La Paz to San Diego. Met up with friends in So Cal, surfed San Diego county, stayed at The Church of Fun (home of the Los Angelopes freak bike gang as well as the home of two best friends), worked on a Nike commercial, bought a motorcycle and rode it up the California coast.

Que Onda Caballeros? The endless search for peanut butter in Mexico..

22 05 2013

The first several weeks: Stayed in Sayulita, found a boat heading to La Paz, bought a surfboard, crossed the Sea of Cortez to Baja California Sur. Hooked up with friends and have been adventuring around baja sur for the past month.

More words to come.. internet connection depending. In La Paz now, preparing to sail a Morgan O/I 51 to San Diego and possibly on to San Francisco! Thank you for all the support! Email me if you want prints.