I was born the second son of the second son of the second son on the 4th day of the second month, in 86 obviously. In the house my father built; powered by the sun (and a generator in the winter months) water from catchment (and hauled in the summer months) outdoor plumbing and all (until we finished the bathroom).

More recently: I’ve lived in 7 different states, have been able to visit 38 out of 50 states and Puerto Rico and 7 other countries (Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, France, Luxembourg, Colombia and Ecuador).

I’ve finished my time in public education (for now) and have a Bachelors of Science degree from Western Michigan University. Finished my Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist certification with the NSCA and TRX certification as well.

I am the founding president of the Theta Rho chapter of the Pi Kappa Phi national fraternity at WMU and am now a proud alumni.

I am a journeyman laborer in the Laborer’s International Union of North America. Have my off-road forklift operators license as well as my certification to push a shovel..

I am currently on the road traveling because you never can really know until you get there. Hobbies and interests are way too long to list and would just end up being some big self promotion like the rest of this. So if you are interested in helping fund my wanderlust, would like to purchase some photo prints, want to provide me with some criticism or just want some more information please contact me via email.. I don’t have a phone. btrosset@gmail(dot)com Te agradezco mucho

(All photos, videos, words and artwork are copyright of Boe Trosset unless otherwise stated.)

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/boe.trosset


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