March Radness; Climbing, Surfing, Snowboarding

22 03 2013


Red Rocks, Nevada

The past couple weeks have provided plenty of adventure. Here are some of the photos!

The first weekend in March proved to be better climbing weather rather than Skiing. So we took advantage and got a couple of days at Vantage, WA and followed with a summit of Mt Hood via the North face. Here is a link to Dustin’s write up from the trip:


While the ski forecast remained mediocre the swell and surfing conditions lined up quite nicely. We headed to La Push, WA first and scored sunshine and some nice party waves. The next night, while the swell pushed up too much for the La Push break to handle, we moved to Hobucks and caught an all time session in the morning and surfed until numbness took over.

The next outing started with a 19 hour drive from Bellingham to Las Vegas, NV. Red Rocks! Not your typical vegas trip but plenty of shenanigans all the same.

& finally Bellinghome!




2 responses

22 03 2013

climbing, surfing, and snowboarding? sounds like my kind of weekend! I’ve only multi-pitched once though…

22 03 2013
Mary Ann Corcoran

Boe. these pictures are fantastic. Enjoyed ALL your travels in pictures. You ARE a vagbond !!! Love Gram

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