Ecuador Sessions: Work & Surf

17 01 2013

After a solid two months in Colombia, (I only planned on spending a couple of weeks there originally) the last month spent almost entirely climbing, we were ready to thaw out a bit and stop the hemmoraging of the bank accounts. We got an email back confirming a work/trade option from one of the owners of a little restaurant in Canoa, Ecuador and decided to send it. 45 hours by bus and three days later we made it to the Pacific. We basically fell into another job working as horseback riding guides and Danny was able to line up a free bed and meal at the horse owner’s hostel in exchange for daily horse maintenance. Work at the Surf Shak was much more like hanging out at night and serving people food and drinks. I was also able to make a little extra cash helping out with the surf lessons during the day. I’ll let the photos explain the rest, they tend to do a better job.

After a couple weeks living and working in Canoa I decided to head South. I would have stayed for months but the surf was a little too inconsistent for my unhoned abilities. I wanted to get to a place called Ayampe that is just North of the famous surfer party town Montanita. Danny and I had talked to a couple restaurant/hostel places there on a surfboard buying mission around the 1st of the month and the waves had been pretty good. I wasn’t able to line up the original job I wanted but got hooked up in the next town North called Las Tunas. The waves have been much better and the owner is a real gent. It’s going to be very hard when it comes time to leave La Viejamar.




2 responses

17 01 2013

We’re enjoying the photos & blogging…looks magnificant! So happy you’re having this adventure! Lots of love from your Ridgefield family!!

17 01 2013
Don Trosset

Yo Yo looks great, thanks for the update, enjoy and travel safe- teezle

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