Climbing in Colombia: Some Highlights

2 01 2013

Here are some photo highlights from the climbing in December. The first week we spent in Suesca, just north of Bogota:

After Suesca we made a hainus 7 bus 2 day connect to Mesa De Los Santos. We spent a week climbing the canyon crag and exploring the surrounding area called La Mojarra:

From Mesa De Los Santos we took quite possibly the worst bus ride I have ever had. 9 hours on a dirt road winding up a mountain towards the Venezuelan border. Got stranded at 4am in a grimy town with no idea what was happening.. ended up catching another bus at 5am further south and then finally another at 7am direct to El Cocuy. One of the most scenic places I have ever been. Most definitely worth all of the effort, freezing cold temps, uncooked rice and lentils, lack of gear, semi frost bitten toes, thrashed hands and general lack of oxygen. There is plenty of video footage to edit but photos will have to do for now:




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3 01 2013

Amazing photos! Just a small comments. The “cactus” in your photo is actually called “Frailejon” (or Espeletia) and it is an endangered species of the paramo. It takes about 100 years for one of this plants to grow 1 meter high and they are vital for the paramo ecosystem and water conservation for entire regions.

Looking forward to reading your blog in the future and happy travels!

4 01 2013
Don Trosset

Thanks for the update, looks like some great climbs, nice shots, be safe love always teezel

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