29 11 2012

Bogota–> Suesca–> Bogota–> El Peñol–> Mesa De Los Santos–> San Gil–> Santa Marta–> Taganga–> Costeño Beach–> Santa Marta–> Palomino–> Santa Marta–> Cartagena then a flight back to Bogota, and a month gone to the road in the blink of an eye, feels more like two weeks since we landed in this wild country. The translation of money and language and understanding. The continual destruction of the stereotype, this country is dangerous. Until you get here and meet the people that call this “mi pais”. The people that have been so betrayed by the drugs and the violence and the rest of the world´s view and belief  that every Colombian is Pablo Escobar reincarnate. Instead it´s as if each citizen has taken it upon themself to fix their bad reputation. And they do it in a way that is no more self serving than your Grandma giving you cereal in the morning, with sugar and juice and love. And that´s it. The friendliest strangers I have ever met. Doesn´t matter that you butcher their language sounding more like Yoda than Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Sure it´s dangerous, but how safe is the South side of Chicago, or Flint, MI or Oakland? Common sense, a resurrection is a revelation.

The pure size and diversity of this country, the outdoor urnials, the buses; the fastest, coldest, bumpiest experience ever. The bigger the bus the more the driver seems to believe he is on a motorcycle. The lightening, every single night. Seriously. Hammock life. Empanadas, street meat and the fresh Aji salsa that deserves to be applied by the gallon. Almuerzo corriente, set lunches. Juice boxes – the best kind. The aguardiente, a “firey water” derived from sugar cane with a taste of anise. Makes me laugh until I cry. Literally. The night life. The music that grabs a hold and makes you dance with no other choice.

The mountains. The climbing. Monkey Barbie, tu puedes. More crack? Hornets nests on the crux (los santos). Overhung (everywhere). Run out. Loose bolts. Sandbagged. Gripped. But it´s facil. Big Jugs. Don´t think. Tranquilo. Eso es.

But most of all, the people.

Los Colombianos la gente me encanta.