Master Bathroom Remodel

26 06 2012

For the past couple months my Dad, brother and I have been working together on several construction projects. The most recent project that we completed was a bathroom/master bedroom remodel for our friend Blake in Mt. Vernon, WA. He wanted to utilize the space he had more efficiently and upgrade his bathroom in a modern style. Frank put together several designs with Blake’s goals in mind. (There are photos of the blueprints below.) With the new design to work from we went in for the demolition phase of the project. We took the old bathroom out entirely, moved several walls and cleaned the room out to prepare for the new design. New walls were framed, plumbing and electrical was re-routed, new drywall and paint were installed and the new bathroom space was created.

We built new pine shelving in his closet and matched the stain with the rest of the wood doors and trim in the house. His old vanity got modified to fit the new location and a poured a concrete counter on top. New sink basins and a nice stone back splash finished the sink area quite nicely. The next upgrade was radiant heating (on a programmable thermostat) throughout the entire bathroom and black granite tile on the floor, baseboard and tub deck. Black brushed slate tile was used on the floor to ceiling shower walls, granite for the shower bench and local river pebbles for the floor. The Schluter drain was also a nice upgrade, a long slot like drain that sits up against the bench to make the illusion of the drain water flowing under the bench. More pine was used for a towel rack and trim around the exterior of the shower. Finally, the rest of the fixtures, mirrors and glass were installed to complete the project.




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