8 08 2011

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It’s good. Up here on the north shore, country living, with every other store a surf shop or shrimp truck and the beach several feet away it’s pretty hard not to be good. It’s kind of like taking a slightly malfunctioned time machine back to when hitchhiking was a fairly common mode of travel. Back when community was something everybody could get into. Back to when kids played outside. Then on the weekends the time machine malfunctions and the two lane Kamehameha highway gets a heavy dose of tourism. A reminder that you are living in a paradise, a getaway, a “wonderful day trip”. I can only imagine when the winter swell picks up and this place turns into the center of the surfing universe. But for now it’s great for a beginner haole with hair that is a bit too long and a beard a little too shaggy for the rat race. 

The farm I have been staying at is more of a vacation rental than a fields and tractors kind of place. There are a couple of raised beds growing veggies for the host and his friends. Other than that it is primarily tropical plants, fruit, avocado and coconut trees. I have been doing jungle landscaping for the past three weeks  and have a much better appreciation for how fast everything grows out here. Next week I will be headed back to the Kahumana farm to help build their aquaponics system. Then it is off to Kuai on the 13th with my German brother Ben Jammin. Oahu has been such a solid two months, I really appreciate all of the hospitality and good vibes everyone have shared. Aloha my friends!

Photos: My kitchen/bedroom, living room/bathroom, view from my deck, pipeline looking real flat.




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