18 07 2011

Well it turns out; Hawai’i is way more rad than I expected, and I am a terrible excuse for a blogger. This Sunday will mark 5 weeks living and working here on Oahu and I have a serious lack of words explaining the stoke that I get every day. In the month of June I racked up a total of 4 minutes on my cell phone bill and aside from a couple emails and text messages I was out of touch. Felt great. Part of the disconnectedness is the fact that I feel bad for everybody that is grinding away in the rat race, unable to enjoy themselves. So I’ve adopted the mantra that everybody I know is doing exactly what they want(thank you Helen!)…& I really hope that they are.

The typical day out here usually involves a bit of farm work in the morning (6-12:30) with breakfast and meditation around 8. Lunch is around 1pm and the rest of the day is wide open for whatever you please. Dinner is around 6 or 7, all of the meals are served in a cafe on site cooked by a solid vegetarian chef named Ranjith (from Suryalanka). The farm grows every type of veggie known to man and has an orchard with bananas, papayas, mangos, starfruit, breadfruit, oranges, sernum cherries and much more. There are also a couple of miracle trees that are grown here. The Moringa tree is definitely worth looking into. The neem tree is also grown on the farm and is used as a natural pesticide. The farm is certified organic but we use biodynamic principals in the farming practice.

I will be moving to a different farm this upcomming week on the North Shore. I will be staying just up the hill from pipeline and about a mile away from Waiamea bay. Life is grand. Hopefully I will get another post up in less than 5 weeks. Check the “more photos” link on the flickr photo widget to the right for more photos. Much love and aloha to everyone!

If you want to see a true blog about the Hawai’i wwoofing experience check out my roommate Lisa’s . She’s great.




3 responses

19 07 2011
bridget hull

sounds like you are having a great experience! so happy for you! keep posting! love you and miss you! aunt B

20 07 2011

Schaweeet! Mad jealous of your lifestyle right now pal. Get some pics of Pipe, Waiamea Bay gets some of the biggest recordable/surfed waves on earth, would be an epic site to see and def one worth watching if a big swell hits the north shore while ur there. Lots of pros around pipe, keep ur eyes peeled, you may see a few that you recognize!

2 08 2011

Love all that u do supertrampin around the globe!

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