Hawaii Bound

20 05 2011

I just purchased my one way ticket to Hawaii! In under three weeks, June 11th, I will be flying to Honolulu from Bellingham, WA. A killer guest pass and a non-stop first class flight from Bham has definitely effected my decision of which island to start exploring. I have been extremely fortunate and got accepted to work as a volunteer at the Kahumana Organic Farm and Cafe. Kahumana is a Community Supported Agriculture farm that is also a non-profit transitional housing community providing help for underprivileged and developmentally disabled community members. I will be spending a minimum of three weeks volunteering about 30 hours a week at the farm in exchange for three meals a day, room and board and a weekly biodynamic gardening course.

During my free time I am hoping to make contact with the Polynesian Voyaging Society. I have yet to complete my honors thesis for Western Michigan University and would like to do so by filming a documentary about the PVS, highlighting their upcoming world wide voyage. I am also hoping to make some sailing contacts in the various ports on Oahu and start building some sailing experience.

I apologize for the “term paper” style of writing; a little too much time spent writing essays I guess. But I appreciate you visiting my blog! Let me know if there is anything that I cannot miss while staying in Hawaii. I’ll write another post once I arrive! Much Love




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